Remember this when the pinball machine of your life goes on tilt
Hi! It's Andrea. Quick question for you. Are you interested in a more consistent WOW factor from coaching sessions with clients? (You know, where…
One step at a time, one breath at a time, one day at a time, we're in this together and I'm glad
Life seems to crawl along so slowly, until it doesn't. Have you ever noticed that?
8 questions and a special video interview to help navigate leaving the pandemic behind, for us, our clients and for the coaching field
And a must-see music video that is pure energy, see the P.S! :-)
By popular request, Pink Spoon Marketing is now available to licensees
How to get the most from your coaching dollar AKA squeezing the value out of the coaching orange
What lonely, bored and wanting to feel good have to do with what you create next + early registration to 'How to Coach Yourself' is now open
5 weeks to an adaptable self-coaching tool you can use again and again
Personal catch up and invitation to a Microclass + License offering for creating Joint Ventures
Frustrated at how slowly things are going? This is for you