I write from a place of curiosity, wonder and invention. 

As a researcher, coach and author, I love asking quirky questions, unusual ideas, and listening deeply. I’m fascinated by our instincts, emotions, actions and reactions. I’m devoted to exploring how humans think and why we do what we do. 

In my writing, I encourage fellow coaches, creatives and thinkers to follow the path less travelled, imagine impossible things, and to do the right thing, even, especially, when it’s difficult.

"I’ve worked with hundreds of authors and some of the top thought leaders of our time, and Andrea Lee is a rare bird. In her writing, she gently guides you down a path toward bold shifts and fresh ideas. To read her work is a privilege, because I always come away with a perspective on my own life and work that I could not have come to on my own." — Anjanette Harper, Editor and Publishing Strategist, Top Three Book Workshop

You’re writing the guide for so many. Thank you for having the mind and insight you possess to gather these thoughts together. You are my Yoda.” — Nancy Marmolejo, Talent and Genius

Through reading, you’ll get to know me well. You’ll find me teaching, asking, learning, and poking fun at being human, you know, in between reading science fiction and playing with rocks.

Labels you may (or may not…) find interesting: INFP. Manifesting-Generator. Gemini. Enneagram 6. Canadian-born Taiwanese. Metal Dog.

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"Andrea is in tune, not only with what people need, want and will buy, but what our ecology and our humanity needs." — Anna Dargitz - PhD, Certified Coach, former Dean of Students, Graduate School of Coaching

Get in touch with me anytime via andrealeeonline@gmail.com