Friendly reminder: Live Microclass tomorrow

And a must-see music video that is pure energy, see the P.S! :-)

Happy total Lunar Eclipse day! Yep, that’s today.

And because here on planet Earth we can’t help but be impacted by what’s going on in the solar system - today is also the perfect time to lean in and allow change in. Ahhhhh….

In fact, I’ve found that around Eclipse time, sometimes significant change wants to come in, in the form of gear shifts, definitive decisions, and leaving things behind, both for clients as well as family and friends. After an intense pandemic season, I hope we can all embrace that even just a little. I sure intend to, and my thesis proposal getting approved today was just the start. Hooray!

Have you given any thought recently to what ‘actively allowing change in’ means for you?

Specifically, what does it look like when you make an effort to lower your resistance, and challenge any tendency you may have towards fighting with life?

These days for me, ‘allowing’ mean freedom to be creative in different ways, drinking in the fact that my body IS my brain, and swinging for the fences when teaching and creating art. I’ll share some of my self-study journey with pencil drawing in a future email, but this week, tomorrow actually, drum roll……

I’m a lucky duck because I get to teach!

Live via Zoom, with room for interaction, dialog and fun. This, for me is the ultimate in allowing magic to happen and how fun that it coincides with an eclipse.

In case you missed it, I thought I’d send a friendly reminder that you can still register for this class. It would be a total delight to have you join:

Pink Spoon Marketing: Harnessing the Power of the Free Taste to build and grow your online business - a Microclass

is 90 minute teaching class + Q&A is hosted by yours truly, with recordings, re-useable worksheet and more, for a one-time payment of $37.

Register here if you know you're in!

Phew, you guys, after first teaching this content at an ICF conference in 2004, this small but mighty gem is getting the upgrade it deserves! Pink Spoon Marketing is a big-picture mental model that helps: